Moving Image & Animation.

Unconscious bias – take a closer look.

Concept, Art Direction, Animation

An internal communication campaign broaching the tricky issue of unconscious bias – a subject that affects everyone.

I teamed up with Livia and Micha, both already familiar with the client (see below) and its challenging tasks. We developed four animations dealing with different types of biases.

Please let me know if you would like to see the other animations and/or other languages.

Voice: Bjørn Schaeffner

My Impact 2.0 – Let's get fit for the future.

Concept, Art Direction, Animation

This animation was part of an internal communication campaign promoting a major update of the HR toolbox "My Impact". With the help of these online tools, Swisscom employees can define their goals, give and receive feedback and much more.
The style should be in line with the first edition as well as the Pulse animation (see below).

Thanks to Livia Gerber for the copywriting and Micha Hoppe for the sound design.

Click here for the english version:

Please contact me if you are interested in the french or italian version.

Pulse: create something big – Together.

Concept, Art Direction, Animation

Minimalist yet emotional animation for Swisscom's internal feedback tool Pulse, released in four languages.

Livia Gerber did the copywriting and audity the sound design.

Hier geht's zur deutschen Version:

animated announcement for ewz.

Art Direction, Animation

This short clip helped spreading the good news: ewz finished first at the 2016 benchmark study in "energy efficiency and use of renewable energies" commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE.

Clau Isenring did the copywriting and audity the sound design. Voice recording by Jingle Jungle.

16 seconds away.

Concept, Animation

My first steps in animation (with Adobe After Effects). The simple story is inspired by my recent travels.


Globus Switzerland
Concept, Direction, Editing

Several short movies for Globus, the no. 1 luxury department store in Switzerland.
Camera by Filmgerberei. Soundtrack by Double B Arts.

Globus Living.
The Last Supper.

Globus Kids.
Hide and seek.
I also did the soundtrack for this one.

Herren Globus.
Making Of.

Globus Beauty Days.
Teaser for nationwide campaign.
Shot on a Red Dragon.

Globus Living.
Natale Italiano. Dish up!

Globus Living.
Natale Italiano. Christmas tree decoration: almost ad absurdum.

Elevator Pitch – Application.

Art Direction, Editing

Speculative application that I sent to Moving Brands and MetaDesign. So far so good – MetaDesign invited me to meet their creative directors in Zurich. We're still in touch.



Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd
Art Direction, Camera, Editing

Summary that was published together with the Annual Report 2012.

Kuoni held impromptu interviews with a small group of their suppliers, to learn how they perceive the Kuoni Group and what their thoughts are on the state of travel.

BEautiful stories – Kuoni Christmas Card.

Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd
Art Direction, Camera, Editing

Simple shadow play created with an overhead projector and candlelight. It was a real team effort – as you can see in the making-of.

Many thanks to my former teammates at Kuoni. (Not only for the collaboration on this piece. It was great working with you!)

Sail AWAY – Kuoni Christmas Card.

Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd
Art Direction, Camera, Editing

Stop-motion movie that has to do without classical western Christmas symbols as the cards are going to be used in more than ten different countries.

In collaboration with Claudine Iselin.