Joël Walser. ArtWork. offers bespoke solutions in the following areas of design:

· Graphic Design

· Identity

· Print and Editorial

· Interaction Design

· Film & Animation

In his work, Joël strives for simple but strong ideas and excellent execution. Always with the goal to communicate a precise message and tell a story worth telling.

He designs digital experiences, brand identities and more; with passion and commitment; for simpatico – and ideally brave – clients ranging from one-wo/man businesses to global corporations.

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Joël is a Swiss designer based in Zurich.
He has worked on both sides: agency and client. That helps to see the big picture.

He is curious, reliable and works accurately. 

Joël has a distinct sense of aesthetics, a passion for typography, and loves the smell of freshly printed books.


His network of trusted experts is an essential part of Joël's business.
He can always rely on their expertise, their manpower or their valuable feedback.

Collaboration enables him to take on bigger, different and more complex projects –
and it's also more fun.

BALONIER   —   Claudine Iselin Studio
Michel Gilgen   —   büro aha!
Si Brands   — Clau Isenring
Filmgerberei   —   Gango luege
what.digital —   Stephanie Pfenninger





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You don’t need a quote to use a serif typeface.
— Joël Walser